About Aron

Aron is President of the non-profit, Shift Foundation, and is an expert on awareness and high-performance training. Over the last 20 years he has taught yoga and meditation and has studied and been initiated into awareness traditions from around the world. Using his background in psychology and life coaching, he has created a powerful and practical system for personal transformation.

Aron’s interest in the training the mind began when he first began to study martial arts as a child. He learned more about meditation and awareness traditions as a teen, and when he was 21 he began studying zen, and living at a zen monastery.

He soon began training to teach yoga and meditation.

After a series of personal crisis, including two of his primary teachers passing away, Aron returned to college studying art and psychology. He began working as a designer and web developer in the early days of the internet, and helped several start ups become highly successful.

He continued to practice a spiritual path while attempting to live a corporate life style but found living in both worlds often felt impossible. How to maintain a spiritual path and live in the real world, was a question that drove him to develop the Shift system.

He began traveling in search for answers, and had the privilege of working with many amazing teachers and mentors, from Zen masters, Tibetan Lamas, Wisdom Keepers in Egypt and Shamans from South America.

All of these great traditions had some powerful but simple core teachings, showing us how we can become more free and happy.

Aron has been interviewed on NPR, and featured in print and online newspapers. He is a popular presenter and teacher at conferences on consciousness and at yoga festivals. Aron has numerous coaching and mentoring certifications and trainings. He considers himself a life long student.

A Brief Timeline

Aron was the Utah Young Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up in 1992. In 2001 he graduated from Utah State University studying Art and Psychology and played on the Lacrosse team.

Aron lived in a Zen monastery for several years, and in 1999 he had his first Kensho, or enlightenment experience with Zen Masters Tenki Roshi and Genpo Roshi.

In 2007 he was recognized by Lhama Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche.

In 2008 he became a certified yoga teacher. He has accumulated nearly 2000 hours in trainings.

In 2014 Aron became a director at TaraMandala Tibetan Retreat center and worked and lived with amazing teachers from around the world. He received numerous transmissions and empowerments from many great Tibetan lamas.

In 2015 Aron began teaching online, and created the Foundation course, a popular online course with students from around the world, reporting deep personal and spiritual transformations.