About the Shift Process

The Shift system combines traditional mindfulness and awareness tools with a modern psychological approach. It’s a proven method to accelerate you on your path and to help you quickly evolve.

We take a scientific approach to learning and transformation with a focus on helping you understand your own energy and unlock your true potential. The system has helped thousands achieve rapid results. People from around the world have been able to discover what has holding them back and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

We use a powerful guided meditation and a process from psychology called voice dialogue to interact and speak with your archetypes, (powerful aspects energies in ourselves we all share.) This is the fastest most powerful way that you can understand not only the different aspects of who you are but also to activate your own inner wisdom and experience states of enlightenment. This is an experience of who your truly are, your true nature.

We also focus on subtle energies such also called prana, chi, or life force energy. This is a very real energy that you can tap into in order to have more focus, clarity and energy in your life. This energy is contained in our bodies in points of awareness called chakras. The chakras are an internal map of human evolution, the path of enlightenment. By understanding this map you can clearly know where you are now and how to move to the next level.

We recommend starting with the Key, which will take you through the fundamentals of the shift process.

THE KEY: An introduction

A revolutionary way to take your mind and your life to a new level. Experience deep meditative states and explore the Shift system as you learn to shift what's holding you back.
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